Trump-Themed Rally Will “Make Harvard Great Again”

A room of fully-suited Donald Trumps with a “yuge” banner that reads “make Harvard Club great again” will be the sight of a political rally at Harvard’s School of Business for Super Tuesday.

Management for the Harvard Club of Boston is reportedly cutting employee benefits in a move to get more money in their pockets. The Harvard Crimson reported in early February that tensions have been rising between the Club and its unionized employees over contract negotiations and health plan changes.

At the “faux Trump Rally” the “team of Trumps” will release a video congratulating the Harvard Club for settling a $4 million lawsuit in 2012 and later cutting money from the workers’ union contract, according to a release. “Trump” says in the video that he’ll include the Club management in a chapter of his next book, which is called “Taking Tips and Taking Back America.”

The “team of Trumps” will repotedly include workers from the Harvard Club of Boston, Harvard graduate and undergraduate students and workers from the university’s dining services. They will have visuals at the rally such as American flags and political signs saying “make Harvard Club great again.”

As Republican presidential candidate Trump continues to do well in the caucuses and primaries, the latest polls before Super Tuesday show him up 20 percent in Massachusetts. There are 13 primaries for Super Tuesday, and the results could tell us whether or not another candidate will be able to stop Trump.—9QsyEAoC8GxM/

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