The Most Common and Costliest Homeowner Claims

The majority of homeowner claims in recent years are weather-related, according to a review of data from Travelers Insurance Company.

The company just released information that identified claims that were the most common and costliest to homeowners.

From the period of 2009-2015, weather incidents were the most common cause of damages. The major issues included wind, freezing or bursting pipes, ice dams and roof leaks. According to Travelers Insurance, these issues resulted in more than half of the claims they received.

“Any number of things can go wrong with a home, and it’s impossible to predict them all,” Pat Gee, senior vice president of personal insurance claims at Travelers, said in a statement. “But if consumers focus on these particularly common risks and take preventive steps and perform routine maintenance, it may help lessen the likelihood of damage.”

According to the information received by Travelers over the six-year time period, the most common causes of home claims are exterior wind damage, 25 percent of all losses; non-weather-related water damage (such as plumbing or appliance issues), 19 percent; hail, 15 percent; weather-related water damage (rain, melting ice or snow), 11 percent; and theft, 6 percent.

The information was broken down into regional differences. Wind damage is the most common cause of claims in the Northeast and fire was the costliest. In the South, wind was also the most common but hail was the costliest. Hail was both the most common and costliest in the Midwest and West.—oPEodbLkDvuo/


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