Orphaned Puppy Finds New Family with Cat and Five Kittens

A tragedy turns into a happy ending.

Just days after his birth, a Chihuahua mixed puppy named Bobby was left all alone when his mother was fatally hit by a car, ABC News reported. He was then picked up by a local rescue group and brought to the Michigan Humane Society in Bingham Falls on April 1.

“A puppy that young needs his mother,” Ryan McTigue, public relations coordinator of the Humane Society, said in a video posted to the group’s Facebook page.

Video: This puppy finds a new home with five kittens

Staff reportedly decided to take a chance with a cat named Gwen who was nursing her litter of five kittens, and see if she would take care of Bobby. She comforted and fed him as if he were one of the kittens, the New York Daily News reported. McTigue called it a “perfect fit.”

Bobby and the kittens will be in foster care until they are old enough to be adopted, McTigue said. “We are going to get him in foster care among dogs so he can learn to be a dog. He’ll be a good ambassador for both species, that’s for sure.”

The video showing the blended family was posted to the Humane Society’s Facebook page on April 22. It has since gained over 62,000 views, 2,100 likes and 1,200 shares. Several commenters were interested in adopting Bobby and the kittens.


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