Paralyzed Kitten has New Adventures in Toy Wheelchair

A weeks-old kitten who was abandoned by his mother and unable to walk has found new hope.

Things turned around for the tiny feline when he was rescued and brought to an animal hospital in Long Island. Dr. Ned Horowitz of Massapequa Pet Vet told NBC 4 that the kitten was partially paralyzed in both of his back legs.

A few of the technicians at the animal hospital made a wheelchair for the kitten, who was named Mac, by connecting some Legos together, according to NBC4. After making the chair, they posted a video on their Facebook page of Mac trying it out for the first time.

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When Mac was brought in, he was just laying in his cage, Horowitz said to NBC 4. As soon as he was put in the wheelchair, “he totally took off.”

It isn’t clear what caused Mac to be partially paralyzed, but he does have some feeling in his legs, which Horowitz said is a good sign. The Facebook post said that the animal hospital hopes to rehabilitate Mac and then find him a good home.

Horowitz told NBC 4 that he hopes Mac will be able to walk in a few weeks. As soon as he finds Mac is ready, he will be put up for adoption.

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