Browns Not Expected to Trade Valuable QB Asset

A lot of teams are in need of help at the quarterback position, but one won’t be hitting the trade market.

Despite rumors of a possible trade, the Browns are wisely expected to hold on to veteran QB Josh McCown.

Teams such as Dallas and Minnesota are running thin at the quarterback position after their respective starters Tony Romo and Teddy Bridgewater went down with injuries. Romo is expected to miss upwards of 10 weeks while Bridgewater is out for the season.

McCown is a hot commodity at the moment, but the Browns should understand that it would be in the team’s best interest to keep him.

Their other quarterbacks are Austin Davis and Cody Kessler, but Davis has only a couple of seasons under his belt and Kessler is a rookie.

McCown is a strong backup and safety net for starting QB Robert Griffin III, in case Griffin struggles like he has in the past, or worse, gets injured.

The Browns are smart to keep McCown. He may wind up being the most important player on the team in case of emergency.

Aaron Rodgers Showed Up to Packers’ Luncheon in a Hilarious Outfit

The Packers held a ‘Welcome Back Luncheon’ on Wednesday and Aaron Rodgers had an interesting choice in outfits.

Known for not taking himself too seriously, Rodgers showed up fully dressed as a cowboy. A really awesome cowboy with an interesting choice in colors.

The handlebar mustache really added something to it too.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.58.26 PM

If only we could see his teammates’ reactions.

Packers fans know that Rodgers can be a goofball, as the photo proves, but this might be the best look ever. I mean, he even broke out the bolo tie. What more can you ask for?

His good spirits lightened the mood before the regular season. You know it will carry over as the season opener approaches.