The Giants Shouldn’t Draft a QB First

This will most likely qualify as the unpopular vote, but I really would love to see the Giants draft a running back first this offseason.

All of the talk has been about getting a new, young quarterback in this upcoming draft. Yes, that’d be great considering the candidates in this draft pool and that Eli Manning isn’t getting any younger.

But what about Davis Webb?

The rookie has been inactive on the sidelines all season… A season that went downhill quick and never recovered.
Looking at the horrendous offense, there came a time where it was pointless for Manning to continue to play, let alone start games at all. He was just risking an injury at that point. There was nothing left to play for.

Yes, after the whole start streak debacle with former head coach Ben Mcadoo, Manning deserved to be back at starting QB.


Davis Webb deserved to see some play time – any kind of play time. Whether there was a potential to win or they were down by 20+ points, Webb deserved to see some pro action.

He was gaining knowledge while watching from the sideline and from one-on-ones with Manning, sure, but the Giants failed their rookie QB who could have grown and gained some valuable experience.

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