Chiefs Actively Looking to Trade Backup QB

The Chiefs already know who their backup quarterback is.

Quite frankly they know who the backup to the backup is too.

Now they want to see what they can get on the open market for another one of their backups.

According to sources, the Chiefs are looking to trade former fifth-round pick Aaron Murray.

Murray is currently the No. 4 QB on the Chiefs roster, though he has reportedly impressed in the preseason so far.

He became expendable due to the pickup of Nick Foles, who has established himself as the clear No. 2 QB, and the continued development of Tyler Bray, who has gotten more practice reps than Murray.

The Chiefs currently need help on the defensive line and could use another wide receiver. Of course they could always use draft picks too.

If Murray isn’t traded he might also get cut, so hopefully the Chiefs can get something back for a guy they used a draft pick on.

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